Introducing Exponent Health – Powering the Future of Healthcare Cost Management with Technology Driven Solutions

Introducing Exponent Health – Powering the Future of Healthcare Cost Management with Technology Driven Solutions

Medical claims and pharmacy cost management specialist Exponent Health announced its official launch with a major rebranding of the company’s name from HRGi and a refocus on the company’s future direction. After welcoming Karin Humphrey as the new CEO at the beginning of 2021, Exponent Health has been quietly working toward crystalizing its guiding vision – embracing the latest opportunities that technology can offer within a rapidly evolving industry to meet greater challenges in healthcare cost management. For over three decades, Exponent Health has challenged the industry status quo, leading with ground-breaking innovation in a wide variety of healthcare cost-management solutions.

“The inspiration for our new name came from the idea that technology has a demonstrable and transformative multiplier effect in terms of what we can do for our clients,” said Marina Molenda, V.P. of Marketing and Communications. “We have always focused on delivering more savings for our clients, but now our investments in technology and platform enhancements will magnify that effect, becoming part of our core growth strategy. We intersect data and technology, amplifying human intelligence to result in better outcomes. All in support of our commitment to drive pure exponential value for our clients and partners.”

Exponent Health: The Best Savings Using Powerful End-to-End Solutions

Over the coming months, the company will roll out products and services reflective of the new technological directions. These include enhancing their dynamic platform with features that deliver the best savings via a powerful proprietary claims engine. By leveraging data algorithms and AI predictive modeling to automate pricing intelligence and discount strategies, Exponent Health clients will greatly benefit from predictive outcomes for negotiations, real-time data, and cloud-based insights – all valuable business intelligence when companies need it most.

“Our rebranding is just the beginning of many positive changes to come,” said CEO Karin Humphrey. “As healthcare costs expand and become more complex, it is clear to us that solutions must evolve to address and meet an unprecedented pressure to reduce those costs. To be both competitive and successful, it is necessary to keep up with a rapidly evolving digital world – putting technology at the core of our organization, and strategically shifting from a services-centric company to a technology-centric company. We are building a next-generation platform that optimizes human-machine interaction – allowing each to do what it does best.”