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Powerful solutions to manage your revenue

Optimize your operations & accelerate payments.

Now with our ExpionIQ™ claim tools you can get predictive intelligence on essential payments and see a clear view of your future operations. Get immediate results with our proprietary engine that will help you break the “wait and see” cycle and reduce the administrative burden on your team. Let our team show you how to get faster payments, reduce days in A/R, decrease denials, and maximize your revenue.

With ExpionIQ™ claim tools for providers you’ll get:

  • Automated claims statusing as fast as one-day post submission
  • All the data your staff needs to rework problematic claims
  • Quick identification of $0 claims
  • Real-time status and performance insights to manage your business
  • Seamless integration with your claims software
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Claims Reconciliation. At Your Speed.

Reclaim control. Our ExpionIQ™ optimization engine gives you data mining automation technology for fast claims data verification from payor websites to identify denied, pending, or unprocessed claims. We make it fast and easy to integrate with the daily workflow of any healthcare claims software, saving you valuable administrative time, reducing A/R, and accelerating your cash flow.

Advanced Analytics. Actionable Insights.

Get a full view into the health of your revenue cycle. ExpionIQ’s cloud-based analytics provide comprehensive claim insights in real-time. Get fast access to denial data, days in AR drivers, claim resolution rates, and essential performance benchmarks for actionable intelligence needed to optimize your operational and financial performance. Let our team show you a better way to get tackle tough revenue challenges, gain understanding on the source of delays, and prevent issues from slowing down future claims.

Join Our Out-of-Network Preferred Provider Program: EP3

Looking for more ways to accelerate cash flow?

Take your Expion Health partnership to the next power with our preferred provider program for out of network claims. Get reimbursed for out of network claims with fair, fast payments. Our direct-to-provider agreements are simple, straightforward contracts based on mutually agreed upon reimbursement rates.

Talk to our team today, to learn more about EP3 – our exponent preferred provider program for out of network claims.


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EP3 is not a PPO network and is available in select states based on state law applicability. Please do not submit any protected health information (PHI) via this form.