Meet expionIQ®

Next-gen claims pricing for maximum savings

Expion Health is pioneering the future of healthcare cost management with AI-enabled solutions powered by ExpionIQ. The award-winning ExpionIQ platform brings together artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics to give you the “fair price option” for maximum savings and transparent analytics for a true picture of your medical and pharmacy spend.

From pharmacy formulary benefit optimization to dynamic medical claim repricing to cloud-based analytics, ExpionIQ delivers intelligent optimizations and insights to amplify business success — all supported by best-in-class operations and the highest security and compliance standards, including HITRUST certification.

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The ExpionIQ Advantage:

Optimized Pricing at Your Fingertips

Our platform comprehensively scans all pricing options, industry data, contract positions, and outcomes to return the best price for pharmacy and medical claims, every time.

Dynamic and Evolving

Utilizing reinforcement learning, ExpionIQ continually evolves its pricing models. This means maximum savings through constant adaptation and optimization.

Empowered Decision Making

With our powerful business intelligence and intuitive analytics dashboard, you gain near real-time access to actionable insights that drive your business forward.

Technologies built around you

AI Predictive Modeling

AI-powered models combine machine learning and big data, to predict success rates and optimize claim prioritization and handling for exponential savings.

Optimization Algorithms

Intelligent algorithms automate price optimization decisions, from medical claims to alignment of compliant groups, to optimal formularies for maximizing pharmacy rebates.

Data Fabric

Extract actionable intelligence by integrating and analyzing historic outcomes data, gold standard industry pricing data, and proprietary lakes and pricing data.

Data Mining Bots

Automation apps accelerate claims processing, by eliminating manual data verification. Outputs can be integrated into your existing platforms.

The Highest Standards of Security and Compliance

A HITRUST certified, technology-driven organization we are dedicated to protecting our client’s data with the most innovative and stringent standards.

In-house, domestic technology and security team


Data encryption

Cloud-based, automated safeguards and remediations