Pharmacy Solutions

Tech-powered pharmacy solutions to unlock high-impact cost savings

Harness Innovation, Redefine Savings

At Expion Health, we empower payers with the cutting-edge technology and strategic expertise needed to tackle today’s skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs. Our suite of products, powered by the ExpionIQ platform, is not just a step forward – it’s a leap into the future of pharmacy solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Our comprehensive, stand-alone pharmacy solutions with AI-enhanced optimization are designed to drive significant financial value for our clients. Harnessing the ExpionIQ platform we optimize formularies, uncover cost intervention opportunities, and identify the best rebate positions for each individual client.

RX and Medical Rebate Management

Our dynamic, customizable formulary solutions bring together multiple pricing pathways and technology to achieve the lowest net cost for payers on prescription drug claims. We engage industry-leading contract cost positions

Specialty Navigator

Traditional specialty drug cost management approaches often have limited data and ignore member interests. By adopting a comprehensive, data-driven approach, payers can identify, unlock, and monitor specialty drug cost savings opportunities down to the member level.

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Pharmacy Network Solutions

Our Pharmacy Network Solutions bring a new level of transparency and savings potential to pharmacy pricing. Our independent network engages major retail pharmacy chains, grocery store chains, and other key PSOs in direct rate negotiations to provide fairer and clearer rates. This unique pharmacy network option, which can be implemented on any PBM platform, disrupts traditional network approaches.

Rx Decision Support & Analytics: ExpionIQ Advisor

ExpionIQ’s Advisor offers a level of intelligence and clarity that transforms the way you approach pharmacy cost management. ExpionIQ Advisor is designed to not just accelerate your growth goals but also streamline operations with comprehensive underwriting strategies, forecasting, and AI-driven pricing transparency — providing invaluable support for RFPs and bids for PBMs and health plans.

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