Expion Health’s Groundbreaking Solutions Win Silver at the 2023 TITAN Health Awards

Expion Health’s Groundbreaking Solutions Win Silver at the 2023 TITAN Health Awards

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Expion Health, a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions, is proud to announce its dual triumph at the prestigious TITAN Health Awards. The company’s AI-driven repricing and analytics platform, ExpionIQ™, and its member experience app, ExpionME, both clinched the Silver Award in the Insurance Technology Solution and Innovation of the Year categories, respectively. The International Awards Associate (IAA) and TITAN Health Awards bestowed these accolades on Expion Health, which attracted entries from over 25 countries. The TITAN Health Awards recognize significant contributions that are reshaping the global healthcare landscape.

The CEO of Expion Health, Karin Humphrey, expressed her gratitude over this recognition: “Winning these TITAN Health Awards is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating technology-driven solutions that revolutionize cost management in healthcare. It validates our innovative efforts to reduce costs and complexity, setting a new industry standard. These awards propel us to continue innovating and delivering state-of-the-art solutions.”

John Ollis, Chief Operating Officer, commented on the capabilities of ExpionIQ™, “Our Intelligent Allowable feature is an excellent example of how ExpionIQ’s powerful technology can be applied to achieve real-world results. Intelligent Allowable ensures that self-insured plans and their members get fair and defensible pricing, with the transparency needed to avoid overpaying for out-of-network services. It’s gratifying to see this revolutionary technology recognized by the TITAN Health Awards.”

ExpionME also received commendations, reflecting its transformative approach towards out-of-network balance billing. Suresh Kumar, the Chief Transformation Officer, stated, “We are honored that our ExpionME app has been recognized. This award is a testament to our dedication to leverage technology for meaningful transformation. It’s more than an app; it’s a proactive solution that alleviates the financial burdens of balance bills for both members and payers, enhancing the member experience while providing invaluable insights.”

“The TITAN recognizes the tireless efforts in advancing the field of healthcare. Their dedication to improving the lives of others is truly commendable, and we are fortunate to have them as beacons of inspiration in our community. These remarkable individuals have played an invaluable role in propelling their respective organizations to new heights, becoming true catalysts for progress within their industries and serving as a profound source of inspiration for others to emulate their remarkable success,” said Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA.

About Expion Health
Expion Health is a pioneer in the healthcare technology industry, leveraging 30+ years of experience to drive exponential pharmacy and medical claim savings for payers, PBMs, TPAs, and self-insured employers. Specializing in identifying overlooked savings opportunities, Expion Health focuses on complex factors driving healthcare costs, using the most accurate and current data. At the heart of Expion Health’s innovative solutions is the ExpionIQ platform, which brings together artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced analytics to create powerful solutions for unlocking savings opportunities while ensuring compliance with complex regulations.

About TITAN Health Awards
The TITAN Health Awards undertakes its purpose in recognizing and honoring exceptional executions of creative advertising, marketing, designs, products, services and excellence coming from renowned and unsung patrons from all parts of the world. Seeking the highest achievements in all healthcare incorporated industries, the award strives to honor evolving qualities of the global health industry.